Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

You can trust our garage door spring replacement and repair, the most dangerous part of your garage door system. With over 35 years in the garage door service industry, we can repair your garage door springs safely and affordably.


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Your garage door springs are a necessary part of how the garage door functions but sadly the most common part to be replaced. When a spring is worn it may become lax and cause the door to open and close improperly. If a spring becomes too worn it can become a health hazard to those in your home.

When Should I Get My Spring Replaced?

Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

It can be hard to tell if a garage door spring is becoming worn. We recommend having a technician drop by and inspect your springs, tracks, and rollers at least once every two years. Hometown Garage Door specializes in garage door spring repair and garage door spring replacement.

NEVER replace a garage door spring yourself

We get it, you are a handyman or handywoman at home and try to fix your issues yourself to save as much as possible. That is awesome, keep it up. However, be aware that the tension on garage door springs is so high that you could easily lose a limb, get severely injured, or even die. Garage door springs are no joke, with a free onsite estimate you have no excuse in trying to manage this type of repair yourself without professional help.

Don't wait too long

The worst thing you can do is ignore signs that your garage door is about to fail, and especially when it comes to your garage door springs. You could get stuck in your garage or left out of it. Even worse, your garage door systems may get to the point that they must be replaced rather than repaired. The worst case scenario is that a spring may fail entirely and shoot across your garage damaging your garage or any people inside.

Better, Quieter, Faster Systems

Garage door openers, track and roller systems, and doors are getting better everyday. If you are tired of that loud garage door you have now, it may be time for an upgrade. Let us know what you are looking for and we will recommend the best system for you.

Smart Features

The newest garage door systems now have smart functions and apps that make your garage experience that much better. We can help you integrate an app for opening your door or other smart features.

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You heard us right! We want you to have the garage door you want, working the way you want it, risk free. We provide same day service, no extra charge on the weekends, and a free onsite estimate.

Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair

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