Garage Door Track & Roller Repair and Replacement

Donโ€™t settle for a squeaky or rough garage door track and roller action. We offer garage door track and roller repair and replacement services within your budget and without compromising on quality.


Residential and Commercial Excellence

Hometown Garage Door is experienced with both residential garage doors and commercial garage doors and parts.

We service ALL garage door makes and models

When Hometown Garage Door replaces, installs, or inspects your tracks and rollers we ensure they run perfectly. Why, because even a small issue can become so much worse over time. Every part we use is the highest quality available so that your repair lasts longer and works smoother.

When Should I Consider Garage Door Track and Roller Replacement?

Track rollers are attached to the door on the door track, such that when it is opened, the rollers move along the shaft. With time, builder-grade rollers, whether made of hard plastic or steel, may require replacement because of wear and tear. Householders need to replace the garage door-and-track occasionally to ensure improved longevity.

Frequent Roller Pop-Out

Rollers continually popping out of the track when operating your garage door? This can occur due to the roller tires becoming worn out or rollers that no longer fit perfectly within the track.

Visually Worn

Steel rollers may corrode or rust over while plastic rollers could become chipped or malformed.

Loud and Squeaky Action

As rollers become older they become less and less lubricated. The bearings inside can begin to make a noise that will only become worse with time.

Uneven Garage Door Closing

When your garage door does not make a perfect seal this can be caused due to lag on one set of tracks. Unsolved, this problem can warp the door permanently and become a much larger issue.

Garage Door Failure

It goes without saying, if your garage door doesn’t work at all, please give us a call and we can inspect the issue. Though it may have something to do with the rollers or with the tracks, a Hometown Garage Door technician on site will be able to determine the issue quickly.

Let’s Fix Your Garage Door.

Garage Door Track & Roller Repair and Replacement

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