The lifespan of garage door openers is between 10 and 15 years. However, with proper and consistent maintenance, a modern garage door can last up to 20 years. Some parts of the gate opener, such as springs and rollers, need extra care. It is easy because you hire a professional check and make any necessary repairs on time before any damage occurs.

Low noise operation

Some garage doors wake up everyone in the neighborhood. They cause noise pollution just because you want to leave or you have just arrived home. If you have such a garage opener, consider replacing it with a quieter version. Go for screw drives and belt drives instead of the traditional chain model. They are quieter.

Enhanced Security

An old garage door is not only inefficient but also poses a security threat. Some old garage doors open with a fixed code that a burglar can quickly decode. However, modern garage openers come with a code that changes whenever you open the door. This makes it impossible for thieves to duplicate your code and steal from you.

Keypad Entry

Traditional garage door openers do not have keypads. This feature comes in handy as you only enter a code, and the door opens automatically. You do not need to carry any keys with you. If your current garage opener cannot be used with a keypad, upgrade to a modern one. Some of them are so easy to use that you do not have to remember the code; they can detect your fingerprint.

Battery Backup

A smart garage door is great until there is no power. Some cannot open, but if you buy one with a battery backup, you need not worry. It kicks in automatically when a power outage hits your neighborhood.

Smart features

The latest garage doors can be connected with a cell phone and are WiFi enabled. This means you can open the door remotely or receive an alert if some tries to access it. Besides, the door may have an app that you operate from your computer, tablet, phone, or any smart gadget. You can tell the temperature of the garage before you get home, thanks to read-outs and digital controls that give you all the info.

Now you know some good reasons to install a new garage opener even if your current one is still functional. The benefits of modern garage openers are just amazing.